Home Recreation
Photograph of Dudley’s Picnic Grove, ca. 1880
Lithograph of Boxing Match, 1881
Records of Jay Gould's Yacht, Atalanta, c.1883, 1886
05.2.Records of the Palisade Boat Club, 1891 and 1920
Records of the Tower Ridge Yacht Club, 1893-1940
Photographs of Peekskill, 1900 -  1936
Records of Kingsland Point, ca. 1900-1930
Records of Yonkers Canoe and Bike Club & Yonkers Yacht Club, ca. 1900
Post Card of Ardsley Casino, ca. 1910
Post Cards of Bear Mountain Bridge, ca. 1930
Photographs at Croton Point Park, 1963 and 1984
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As New York City became ever more crowded, city dwellers looked north to Westchester County and often traveled up the Hudson by sailboat or steamship to enjoy the scenic beauty of the river. Many of the city’s wealthiest residents established homes in the county that overlooked the river. The middle and lower classes traveled up the river to enjoy the parks and picnic grounds in the county, along with the county’s residents. Canoe, rowing and sailing clubs provided excellent physical exercise and direct, first-hand experience of the river.