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Records of the Sloop Nancy, 1796-97
02.Haight Ledger of Freight on a Hudson River Sloop, 1827
Records of Croton Dam and Aqueduct, 1843-2003
Records of the Yonkers Waterfront and Pier, ca. 1858 - 2007
Records of Brandreth Pill Factory, 1863-1900
Records of Underhill Vineyard and Brickyard, 1872-1990
Records Related to Hastings Industrial Waterfront, 1874 – 1990s
Records Related to Lord and Burnham Company, 1886 – 2003
Crawford Insurance Map, 1889
Passengers Boarding a Steamboat, ca.1890
Records of Waring Hat Factory, ca. 1896 - 1909
Anchor Brewing Company Calendar, 1897
Photograph of a Waterfront Business, 1897
03.Photographs Related to the General Motors Site, ca. 1900 - 2000
Photograph of the Steamer Mary Powell, ca. 1900
Photoprint of Painting of Fleischmann Factories, ca. 1902-14
Day Line Steamers Brochure, 1907
Poster of the Palisades and Hudson, New York Central Railroad, ca. 1910 - 1920
Records of Zinsser & Co., 1910 – 1947
Records of the Tarrytown Lighthouse, 1912-1999
Records of the Tappan Zee Bridge Construction, 1951-55
Photographs of Indian Point Nuclear Facility, 1964 - 1982
08.Photographs of Shad Fishing, 1972
Photographs of Yonkers Power Station, 1976 and 2006
Photographs of Charles Point, 1984
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The movement of people and goods up and down the Hudson River was a major factor in our local, regional and national economic development. The county’s rivertowns were vital points of exchange for products heading to and from New York City, connecting the city and Westchester in deep and enduring ways. Ship building and the rise of the industrial waterfront in the 19th century contributed greatly to the county’s economic expansion.