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Records of Washington Irving's Sunnyside, 1835-2003
Images of the Village of Sing Sing, ca.1837-1841
Lithographs of Peekskill, 1838-1862
Colman Watercolor Painting of Minturn Point, 1867
Poem, Dobbs, His Ferry, by Wm. A. Butler, 1868
Records of the Hudson River Museum Site, ca. 1875 - 2003
Records of Jasper Cropsey, 1894 – 2003, ca. 1900
Photograph of Billie Burke and Patricia Ziegfeld, ca. 1920s
Crawbucky Tales, ca. 1920
Ruzicka Woodblock Print of Palisades, ca. 1926
Images of Richard Haas Outdoor Murals, 1995-2009
Photographs of Clearwater Festival, 2004 and 2009
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The Hudson River has inspired generations of writers and artists, including Washington Irving, America’s first writer to earn his living as an author, and Jasper Cropsey, one of the best-known painters of the Hudson River School. The Clearwater Festival has been held at Croton Point for many years celebrating the river through art and music.