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Official Program for Hudson-Fulton Celebration, 1909
Hudson-Fulton Celebration – March and Two Step, 1909
Excerpts from the George Gardiner Fry Scrapbook, 1909 – 1910
Photograph of Wilbur Wright’s Amazing Flight, October 1909
Hudson-Fulton Celebration Images, 1909
Records of Hudson-Fulton Celebration, 1909
Post Card of the Clermont on the Hudson River in 1809, ca. 1909
Records of Dutch New York Exhibit June 13, 2009-Jan 10, 2010
Records of Hudson River Fest, June 7, 2009
Records of Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art, 2009-2010
Promotional Materials for Westchester Hudson/Fulton Quadricentennial, 2009
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In 1909 and 1959 Westchester, along with the rest of New York State, celebrated the European discovery of the Hudson River by English explorer Henry Hudson for the Dutch East India Company, as well as Robert Fulton’s accomplishment of using steam power for travel on the river. In 2009 it is fitting that we recall the previous celebrations as we mark the Hudson-Fulton Quadricenntenial.