Home Preservation
Records of the Upper Mill, Philipsburg Manor, 1761-2003
Records of Philipse Manor Hall and Family, 1784 - 2003
Photolithograph of Ingleside, 1860
Records of Lyndhurst, 1873-2003
Records of Sparta, 1883-1970
Records of the Masters School, 1895-2003
Photographs Related to Nevis, 1939 and 1964
Photographs of Nuits and Villa Lewaro, 2003
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As county residents have come to appreciate the importance of their local history and the role the Hudson River has played in that history, they have become more aware of the importance of preserving the river and its shoreline. There are many places along the river that have great historical importance; some have been preserved, others not. Those that have been preserved have become an important part of our cultural landscape.