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Records of the Sloop Nancy, 1796-97
Colman Watercolor Painting of Minturn Point, 1867
Records Related to Hastings Industrial Waterfront, 1874 – 2000
Photograph of Dudley’s Picnic Grove, ca. 1880
Lithograph of Boxing Match, 1881
Crawford Insurance Map, 1889
Records of the Tower Ridge Yacht Club, 1893-1940
Records of Jasper Cropsey, 1894 – 2003, ca. 1900
Records of Zinsser & Co., 1910 – 1947
Panoramic Photograph of Hastings, ca. 1915
Photograph of Billie Burke and Patricia Ziegfeld, ca. 1920s
Ruzicka Woodblock Print of Palisades, ca. 1926
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